Monday, March 3, 2008

Dad's tin toy

My 83-year-old dad has had this windup street sweeper toy since he was a boy. It works perfectly and pushes the can as it goes along. I am sure it's a Marx and probably pretty worth quite a bit. It's such a great piece and a real family treasure. Way to go for saving it Dad.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunrise, Sunset.

The space between sunrise and sunset is growing and I have left the house in favor of getting the garden beds ready. Already I see buds on the verge of blooming on the plum trees and currant bush. Another great thing about spring is being able to sand and paint outdoors. Look for an upcoming before and after shoot of a dresser for some clients in Las Vegas.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My scrap crow

I've been trying to download this picture of a crow I made for my Sister's in Art project. She is made from a pattern (just the material), but I added the rest of the wood pieces. Hope you like her.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Does it get easier?

I am working on trying to get more pictures on the blog. Don't give up on me! I hope to show loads of before and after pictures. Everything from large pieces of furniture that need refinishing to stuff from the Restore and Goodwill are just waiting to make their debut online. I know someday I'll be laughing about my early attempts at posting pictures. Here's to that day. Right now I am working on a box I found at T.J.Maxx that was pink with fairy princess drawer pulls. The cost was $6.00. I have removed the drawer pulls, painted it red, then black and will frame out the drawers with .99 cent picture frames. It's intended spot is as the catch-all spot for junk on my end table.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The new chair gets a friend.

Heaving furniture up and down the stairs over the last couple days to rearrange and accomodate some semblance of order with the overscale leather chair taking center stage in the family room, I am reminded that I need a challenge. Learn and grow! I found an old leather chair on Craig's list similar to the brand, spanking new leather behemoth and positioned them opposite each other, returning my room to it's vintage roots. Yeah, it's not all furniture store brand new and some character has returned. Unfortunately, the Craigs list find is not all that comfortable. I am thinking of having the seats on both chairs covered in a warm brown velvet to soften and warm them up. Pictures to follow.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

Once a year families huddle together transfixed before their television sets to enjoy grown men throwing balls and crashing into each other. And this year, the Super Bowl is extra super with the Patriots and the Giants going against each other in a clash of the unbeaten titans versus the Cinderella team that fans heckled and booed just a few weeks ago. I'd love to see the Patriots have an unbeaten season and give the Miami Dolphins something to talk about, but if Ely Manning could escape his brother's shadow and hand these guys a loss it would be sweet. I love football, but I also think it's a good day to clean the closet. Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar. I wish the mess in my closet was just a little smaller!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why Vampstamps?

The name of my blog, Vampstamps, may seem off kilter with the subjects addressed so far - home decor, furniture, etc. The connection is the creative use of stamping in card making, furniture refinishing and art in general. I love the old 40's and 50's glamorous starlets dripping with jewelry and mystery as opposed to today's trash tarts who leave nothing to the imagination and for the sake of selling a few cds or movies reduce romance and sexuality to a mundane bodily function. In the "Little Princess" Sarah, the main character, asks Miss Minchin if she doesn't believe every little girl is a princess. Just so, every big girl is a queen even if she's not Hollywood's idea of perfect and as such deserves to have something to smile about. I believe women should act on this and make their home a haven and celebration of beauty - whatever it means to them. Whether it's a worshiped antique, 300+ count sheets, the perfect cup of coffee (or tea), a romantic piece of literary nonsense or some silly saying, we all deserve a bit of luxury. Whoo, sorry for the rant. My daughter and I hope to create a line of rubber stamps celebrating women and their inside and outside beauty and we have dubbed the enterprise Vampstamps.

Today I am working on ATC's for my Sisters in Art group here in the Bellingham, Wa area. I wanted to incorporate several concepts: birds, tags and Valentine's Day. I'm excited because I think it's finally coming together in my head. Now we'll see if it comes together in a manageable and artistic way that meets my standards. Tally Ho!